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Connector E/O "Y" to connect your light and your heating system to the same battery, or two video lights to the same battery using E/O cords.

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E/O blind plug to close an E/O connector when not using in diving.

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Head ring for Yellow Diving 40W 


PERCH H batteries (Piezo). Li-Ion battery pack canisters available in the capacity range from 10,4Ah to 40,8Ah. Designed with E/O cables. 


PERCH SM batteries (Piezo) for Sidemount diving. 

Li-Ion battery pack canisters available in the capacity range from 10,4Ah to 40,8Ah.


This is only the cap for Yellow Diving batteries, the canister is not included. 

This allows to have different battery heads depending on the use: single or dual output, standard or side-mount. 


Yellow Diving Adapter for heating and heating gloves.

Models for Apeks, SI-Tech or full-valve inflator.

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New breathable thermo-shirt „body-type” with extremely flexible heating wire, to be used as first underwear, directly on the body. 

Designed with heating power regulation – two steps 50% and 100%. Besides the heating capabilities, takes an important role of thermoactive underwear, keeping sweat out of the body. 

The temperature is controlled by switching on and off the battery canister. Switch it on, you hear one beep sound at full 100% power, switch it off and on you hear three beeps sound and it will give you 50% power. Each next switching on and off changes the temperature mode. 

Very thin layer of fabric neither constrain the diver, nor create an air-trap. Contiguous in shape eliminates  need of high temperatures to heat diver’s body, what effects in energy-saving design of the heating system, allowing long burn-times at low power. Burn-times for PERCH H10 (9.2 Ah) battery pack  240 minutes for 1st step, 130 minutes for 2nd step. 


Thermo-shirt material reduces unpleasant smells after usage.  Hand-washingusing agents suitable for thermoactive wear is possible. 


Attention: In any circumstances do not use any other power sources that Yellow Diving battery packs. This can result in burns and damaging the heating system. 


Size shirt S-48 M-50 L-52 XL-54 XXL-56
Height 166 - 171 172 - 177 178 - 183 184 - 189 190 - 195
Chest 93 - 96 95 - 100 100 - 105 106 - 111 112 - 117
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20 Watt LED headlamp with battery indicator. 1.700 lumens, 6500°K color temperature, E/O cord 35cm long. 


40 Watt LED headlamp with battery indicator. 3.960 lumens, 6500°K color temperature, E/O cord 35cm long. 

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Waterproof L5 backup light with an aluminum body. CREE high quality led light provides 370lm. Power switch.

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Variable 35Watt / 40Watt / 75Watt, 3.600lm/ 4.400lm/ 8.000 lumens LED headlamp with battery indicator, 6500°K color temperature, E/O cord 35cm long.