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Inflator adapter for Nitrox NRC Analyzer. 

Adapter only.

Last items in stock

Small and portable Instrument to mesure the Oxygen concentration.

80g only, ideal for travel! 

Available within 5 to 10 days

Oxygen sensor NRC D-01.

Jack connector.

Fits to analyzers Divesoft, MSA MiniOx, OxyCheqs et Vandergraph.

Sensors are not exchanged once packaging is open.

Do not hesitate to consult NRC sensor flyer in the download sheet.   

Equivalent to:

  • Teledyne R-17MED, R-17D
  • Analytical Ind., Inc. PSR-11-39-JD 
In stock

Oxygen sensor NRC D-05J for JJ-CCR rebreathers .

New stock expected middle of July

Oxygen sensor NRC D-05R.

3 pins Molex connector like R22 / R22S

Note 29/05/20: Due to COVID and production delays, the new stock will be available around July 15, 2020.

New stock expected middle of July

Tank connector for your NRC analyzer.

It can be used for valves DIN G5/8, M2 bottles and INT

Connector only

In stock