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All the tek diver equipment. Fins, masks, lighting, regulator, suits and undergarnments, plates, harness, wings, sidemount or backmount, everything is there!

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1st Stage 90° Swivel HP 9/16

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1st stage 90° Swivel LP 3/8

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1st stage plug  1/2

In stock

1st stage plug  3/8


In stock

1st stage plug 7/16

In stock

2L 230b steel cylinder - short without valve

Available within 5 to 10 days

2nd stage 110° swivel


In stock

2nd stage 90° swivel

In stock

Excellent tool for regulator adjusting.

In one step you can adjust medium pressure from 1.stage and fine adjust 2.stage. 

All this with only one regulator hose connection.

Compatible with Apeks regulators and other compatible types (Aqualung, Scubatech e.g.)

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For tecline second stage as  R5 TEC, R3 TEC Octo

In stock
€12.02 €14.14

For tecline second stage V2 ICE

In stock

2nd stage rotating swivel elbow

In stock