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Anti-friction washer SI Tech


Used to inflate your drysuit or your rebreather. Excellent product with big debit.

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Used to dump gas from your drysuit or your rebreather. Excellent product.

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Aquasure, 2 x 7g tube.

Glue for drysuit and wetsuit repair

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To suspend your drysuit by the shoes (ie does not work properly for drysuit equiped with neopren socks :-)

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Drysuit gators.

Prevents the air flow in the feet, improves the buoyancy

4 sizes available:

  • M - diameter 20-26 cm
  • L - diameter 26-32 cm
  • XL - diameter 31-36 cm
  • XXL - diameter 36cm and more
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Multifunction hanger for your clothes and diving gear.

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Heavy duty hanger for dry suit and any heavy clothes such as undergarnement

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Inflator Male Nipple Scubapro 3/8-24 UNF

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Inflator Male Nipple Standard 3/8-24 UNF

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Protégez vos genoux et votre combinaison étanche ou humide.

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Cotol-240™plus makes urethane adhesives dry faster. Use Cotol-240 plus with Seam Grip®, Aquasure® and Freesole® for fast, permanent repairs. 

The solvent speeds the full cure time to less than two hours. 

  • Formulated for use with Seam Grip, Aquasure and Freesole, 
  • Speeds drying time to approximately 2-4 hours.
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