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Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery which probably explains why the STEALTH 2.0 weight system is so often copied. Your weights can be configured exactly where you want them to ensure perfect balance and trim, regardless of whether you need one block or ten.

Incredibly flexible, capacity to cope with 1Kg to over 20Kg and designed to keep weights secure and immovable, it truly is a world class system.

Take only the weight you need

Cold water diving in a drysuit with a thick undersuit requires a large amount of weight that many sidemount systems struggle to accomodate. This limits where you can place the weight and can upset balance and trim.

The design of the STEALTH 2.0 can manage the perfect placement of a 1Kg blck up to over 20Kg of lead with ease. If you are in arctic water or in board shorts and a T shirt, the weight system is flexible enough to meet your needs exactly

Perfect Trim and Balance

The flexibility designed into the STEALTH 2.0 weight system ensures you control weight placement relative to your centre of gravity. The central weight pocket has a considerable range of movement, so it can be ideally positioned for balance. The same principle that is used in twinset diving when moving a V weight into the optimum position.

Perfect trim and balance in any configuration.

Smart weight pocket security

In technical and cave diving the consequences of losing weights far outweighs the possible need to drop them. The unique and innovative design of the STEALTH 2.0 weight pocket prevents any accidental loss of weights.

Side fastening bands are overlaid by a main band that prevents unwanted opening of the pocket, even if in contact with the ceiling of a wreck or cave. It is quick and easy to see if the pocket is improperly secured and corrections can simply be made, even underwater.
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The expression ‘thinking outside the box’ is often over used, but to revolutionise the sidemount system harness, that’s exactly what we had to do. Analysing the many systems already on the market was a start. We soon realised that something new and groundbreaking, something that would perform brilliantly in the Yucutan Caves as well as open water, was needed.
The STEALTH 2.0 includes some revolutionary features. Using harness webbing of differing thickness and stiffness meant a better more comfortable fit. Building true anatomical structures into the harness enhanced the diving experience. Movable D rings on the waist strap to allow for changes in tank buoyancy and control of tank position were first seen on the STEALTH 2.0 and have been widely copied since.



Full sidemount set Tecline Avenger 

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Full sidemount set Tecline Avenger special Calavera Maya

xDeep Expandable Cargo Pouch 
In stock
Quick release buckle kit for Stealth 2.0:
  • Two quick release, adjustable buckles with webbing
  • New shoulder strap
  • Two tri-gliders 

xDeep Sidemount trim-pockets M (3kg), can be place on harness close to your shoulder or your belt

Sold by pair

In stock

xDeep Sidemount trim-pockets M (1.5kg), can be place on harness close to your shoulder or your belt

Sold by pair

In stock
xDeep Standard Cargo Pouch
In stock

xDeep Stealth 2.0 battery support set to fix your battery pack on your crotch strap

In stock

xDeep Stealth 2.0 CLASSIC Full System - M (4x1,5kg) 

Includes :

  • Harnais xDeep, bungees & canister light holder
  • Central weight system M (4x1,5Kg)
  • CLASSIC wing 16Kg 

Total safety in wetsuit

STEALTH 2.0 RB has a back-up bladder with exactly the same function and controls as your main wing, perfectly integrated, beautifully streamlined. 




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