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Compatible oxygen


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This quick connector allows to quickly connect a low pressure hose. 

One side quick connector 8mm, one side 1/4 Gas male. 

Oxygen compatible thanks to Viton or Teflon seal. 

Pressure maximum 15b.

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Adaptor G 1/4 Male to G 1/8 Male

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Valve for air drive part of your Booster or remote console

Allows to finely adjust the speed of the boost in the number of stroke per minute.

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MPS DIN Connector 200/300b with a bronze stone to filter the gas entering your booster. 

Standard connection 1/4 GAS male.

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Duplicata of MPS Technology documents.


Elbow 90° G1/A male to G1/4 female high pressure (300b)

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MPS whip in stainless steel protected by a spiral plastic sheath. 

An exclusive MPS technology: the Teflon heart prevents the roughness of standard hoses and hence the deposits of contaminants that are the cause of flame departures which are often come from the hose.

Standard 1/4 gas connection.

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Service for MPS Technology booster for one HP cylinder.

This maintenance has to be performed every 1 year maximum.


Service for MPS Technology booster for low pressure engine.

This maintenance has to be performed every 5 years maximum.


MPS Digital Gauge for Oxygen use.  

Specifitations :

  • For oxygen use, 
  • Maximum 400b, 
  • Backlight, 
  • Units in  Bar or PSI, 
  • Memory function, 
  • Class 0.5. 
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Pressure gauge oxygen MPS 0-400 b. 

Standard connection 1/4 GAS under the pressure gauge.

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Pressure gauge oxygen MPS 0-400 b. 

Standard connection 1/4 GAS on the side of the gauge.

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