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Category: Configuration

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Quick Release Buckles


Compatible oxygen

Test pressure (b)

Working pressure (b)


Cylinder neck (norm)

1st stage regulator (norm)


€0.00 - €930.00

Prices drop

Diameter (mm)

Height (mm)

Lenght (mm)

Weight (Kg)



Set Type





Maximum cylinder size/number

Shoulder Strap Padding

Total weight

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2L 230b steel cylinder - short without valve

In stock

3L steel cylinder 230b without valve

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3L steel cylinder 230b - short without valve

In stock

3L steel cylinder 300b without valve

In stock

Adjustable SM rigging set with plastic buckle

Contains :

  • tank webbing with plastic buckle for S80/10L/12L
  • boltsnap DIR SS 120x33
  • boltsnap SS 90x19
  • SS stop
  • 2 rubberband
  • 1m cord

Ideal for fast configuration and travelling 

In stock

Battery bracket to go on the crotch band.

Unique design allow the canister to be quick, easy and safe installed.

But can still be fast removed.

In stock

AGIR Bungee Hook sold by 3 units.

In stock

Hip ring (pair) for easy don of cylinders.

The off-set makes the ring come free under the wing

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Tri-glide for 6mm / 1/4" bungee. Can be used independently (left and right side) or as one piece bungee.

In stock

Double D-ring to put on the crotch strap


In stock

Used to inflate your drysuit or your rebreather. Excellent product with big debit.

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Used to dump gas from your drysuit or your rebreather. Excellent product.

In stock