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DPV / scooter harness

In stock

Gasket Kit maintenance Level 1

SUEX #71013


Insert T-Fix SUEX #70645

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Designed for Expedition & Cave Diving, this exceptionally, useful and practical design, allows easy carrying & storage of your DPV. 

It has been designed by technical divers, to make the carrying and transporting of the DPV to various dives sites and into caves, whilst leaving your hands free. 

A strong design with simple fixing methods, include very strong back support and shoulder straps. 

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For all models of scooter / DPV

In stock

Battery charger for DPV SUEX XJOY 7


Battery charger for DPV SUEX XJT / XJ14 / XJOY14 / NERO XJ


Full system for camera support by Suex, Excellent!


Add one handle at the top of your scooter for carrying

In stock

Conversion kit NIMH for SUEX VRx scooter, with charger

On request

Allow you to install any instrument like computer, gauge or compass near your hand, just below your eyes.

Great use.

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SUEX support for XK, XJ and XJOY DPV.