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MPS Technology Booster C4 Expedition

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  • MPS Technology Booster C4 Expedition
  • MPS Technology Booster C4 Expedition
  • MPS Technology Booster C4 Expedition
  • MPS Technology Booster C4 Expedition
  • MPS Technology Booster C4 Expedition
  • MPS Technology Booster C4 Expedition
  • MPS Technology Booster C4 Expedition
  • MPS Technology Booster C4 Expedition
  • MPS Technology Booster C4 Expedition

MPS Technology Booster C4 Expedition

€3,300.00 tax incl. ( 3300 € tax excl. )
Available in 4 to 6 weeks

Great set for MPS C4 booster. High mobility solution. 

The booster is fixed inside the box, same for all inlet and outlets. Close the box, you are ready to go!  

Booster for sport divers, especially in CCR. High performances, reliability and security are his master words.  He also can be used for small groups of divers. 

C4 does not heat when used during long periods so that filling are made very safe. 


The benefits of this booster:

  • Performance: Filling a 3L cylinder from 100b to 220b in 50 seconds from a B50 oxygen source at 100b, 
  • Maintenance once a year, 
  • Robustness and reliability, 
  • Protection of the operator, 
  • Supplied complete ready to use. 


Overall our boosters include the same security systems:

  • Heat management: because our boosters are designed for compress gas, we cool the HP gas. Each time driven air is vents, it produced cold by his decompression, we send this cold gas around the high pressure chamber to cool the piston chamber and blower gas. This is very different from the remarked  Chinese hydraulic pumps that have no temperature management (normal, a liquid can’t be compressed and so does not produce heat), a side finding themselves completely frosted and the second becomes so hot it can’t be touched, 
  • Speed management: the user is able to regulate the number of strokes per minute speed by adjusting the MP of engine air valve, 
  • Deflagration absorption: The high pressure cylinder base contains a buffer volume that allows to reduce the impact of a deflagration in the high pressure cylinder by 10, 
  • Filtration of oxygen / helium: because the gas manufacturer use massively grease in their industrial systems, we filter gas entering the booster via a filtration stone in the inlet connector, this little stone is to change once or twice a year according to the use of the booster (€2 approx.), 
  • Keep clean the system: we have positioned two non-return valves on each side of the HP chamber, your block gas can not go back to the HP chamber, and the HP gas can not go back in your gas cylinder source,
  • The gas safety: pushed gas cannot be mixed with the engine gas, two vent stones based on the HP part allow the high pressure gas to evacuate if a stroke seal is broken, 
  • Programming the booster: it is possible to configure your booster so that it stops working when the required HP pressure is reached (short training),
  • Specific materials: our boosters are made from serious materials 
    • the piston chamber is made with an alloy designed for ballistics and high-precision rifles, the resistance is 3.000b and 1200°C,
    • the cooling chamber is made of stainless steel 3 mm thickness, reinforced at the base by a 10 mm of Ergal ring,
    • our hoses are stainless steel braided with an inner Teflon coating. This allows to never have a deposit of contaminant in the hose unlike the standard rubber hose which inner roughness storing contaminants are regularly the place of flame departure,
    • the sealing of the piston is performed with an assembly of o-rings and flat gaskets seals to withstand the heat and reduce friction,
    • engine air management is performed with an ISO valve (2), scheduled for 10 million cycles, like indestructible within diving use market. If ever this ISO valve malfunction, being a standard in the industry, it can be found very easily anywhere in the world.


The package includes :

  • Expedition case,
  • Booster C2 fixed inside the case, 
  • High pressures wihips,
  • Pressure reducer
  • Digital gauge in option.



  • Compression ratio : 39/1 
  • Drive air pressure : 5-10bar 
  • Piston length : 120mm 
  • Move : 38cc 
  • Maximale outlet pressure : 310 Bar 
  • Minimal inlet pressure : 5 Bar 
  • Highest speed : 110 cycles/minute 
  • Slowest speed : 15 cycles/minute 
  • Dimensions : 55,5x42,8x21,1cm 
  • Weight : 23 Kg  

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