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Quick Release Buckles


Compatible oxygen

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Cylinder neck (norm)

1st stage regulator (norm)


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Shoulder Strap Padding

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  • Divesoft
  • DTEK
  • Heser
  • KUBI
  • Luxfer
  • MES


    MES Makina Elektrik Kimya San. A.S. has been established in 1965 in Istanbul as a family owned company. Soon became the experts in hot and cold forming of aluminium alloys, MES is a unique company today who can combine and practice the technologies of hot and cold forging, deep drawing, impact extrusion, machining and surface treatment.

    Having been the first private company in Turkey to receive the production license for defence industry, MES has been serving the defence industry since 1974 with precise high quality aluminium alloy parts in 2XXX, 5XXX, 6XXX and 7XXX series, along with the automotive industry, energy industry and various markets.

    In 1999, MES have decided to carry on its experience gained especially from defence industry to the production of high pressure aluminium gas cylinders. As of today, MES is a highly reputed worldwide manufacturer of high pressure aluminium gas cylinders to be used as fire extinguishers, SCUBA cylinders, beverage bottles, specialty gases cylinders and medical & rescue kits.

    Running production in its fully integrated facility built on 16.000 m2 located in Gebze/Kocaeli, MES is the supplier to all leading companies in their markets worldwide and proud to offer not only the highest quality high pressure aluminium gas cylinders, but also the best after sales service and fast response to meet customer needs.

  • MPS


  • Nitecore
  • NRC


  • Proteus
  • San-O-Sub


    SAN-O-SUB Italia was founded in Milan in 1934 for the manufacture of industrial transformers and equipment for oxyacetylene welding. 

    By 1960 the company had become a specialist manufacturer of equipment for the diving and medical sectors. In 1999 we expanded our production capacity for high and low pressure equipment, for technical, medical and pure gases. 

    San-0-Sub is an ISO9001-13485 quality certified company, a proud carrier of the 'Made in Italy' mark, and have longstanding relationships with the leading bodies for technical standards including TUV and BUREAU VERITAS. These assure our customers of product excellence.

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  • Sethlans
  • She-P
  • Undersea
  • xDeep
  • Yellow Diving