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She-P 3.0

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  • She-P 3.0
  • She-P 3.0
  • She-P 3.0

She-P 3.0

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Thanks to better drysuits and cylinder configurations, people are spending more time underwater, and if you keep drinking plenty of liquids, there will come a time when nature calls.

The She-P makes it possible for female (technical) divers to comfortably use a P-valve while diving in a drysuit instead of using diapers.

With the She-P 3.0 :

  • The front is approx. 1 cm longer
  • The whole She-P has been redesigned to be softer and more comfortable
  • The back has a scalloped shape so it can be placed further back without covering the anus
  • Both sides have an anatomical design
  • The inside is smoother for better hygiene


The She-P is a soft silicone device featuring a reservoir with output tube, that has flexible wings that are designed to be adhered to the skin. This results in a proper seal and comfortable urinating.

Now you can join the boys and make longer and more comfortable dives!


Contain only the She-P valve. 


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